MedSchoolMonday: Beauty of Medicine

Second year of medical school is even tougher, but more interesting.  It’s more time consuming, but more enjoyable.  Second year is all about disease, infection, illness, what can go wrong, and what you do about it.

After now having some time for having one foot in the church and one in medicine, it’s become clearer why I’m better suited for full time medical work rather than full time church work.  Full time church work would be okay, but I’m not sure I have the patience.

Medicine is a good fit because you gather the history, perform an exam, do some tests if needed, and you fix the problem.  If you don’t know how to fix the problem or you aren’t trained to do so, you find someone who can and is specially trained in that area.  It’s objective.  It’s demanding.  It’s cutting edge.  Anything short of excellence is unacceptable.  If someone—either the patient or another member of the healthcare team—is making poor decisions or isn’t getting the job done, you call them on it.  If someone has upset you, or if you disagree with them on something, you let them know and you talk about it.

However, in the church, people are scared to death of conflict.  If things aren’t working or a certain aspect or mission of the church isn’t effective and doing its job, it takes time and a committee to study it—and that’s after weeks, months, or even years before admitting there’s a problem.


5 Responses

  1. . . . and this is exactly why the church needs you, ordained or not. somebody’s got to say it. maybe being in another profession will give you the distance for people to hear it.

  2. Thanks Rebekah…

    To all: this post wasn’t finished before Dorothy posted it. I was going to expand on the church part–maybe say a couple of nice things about it–but I’ll leave it as is. Too busy learning how anaphylactic shock happens and why many of you wake up in the morning with stuffy noses. I’ll try to do better next week.

  3. russ-when you find out about the morning stuffy nose thing please let me know! patrick wakes up most mornings with a stuffy nose and headache. and then walks around all morning hacking and snorting…drives me crazy! plus, i feel a little sorry for him.

  4. Leigh Ann – Russ just told me about the stuffy nose thing, and I promise you above all people DO NOT want to know the answer. Ignorance is bliss.

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