MedSchoolMonday-Read the Signs

Class was over today (at least the lecture) and I had an hour before going to a small group in which they are actually letting us see real patients this year.  Well, they’re only letting us see real patients four times this semester, which is a good idea on their part.  However, this is still an upgrade over just seeing actor patients last year.  Anyway, class was over and I had to use the bathroom and use the mirror to put on a tie.  The tie was half tied when I heard the door open and there was a female coming in.

We both looked outside of the door to read the signs to see who was in fault.  It wasn’t her.  The only people who I have told this story to have had the same response—“you didn’t realize there weren’t any urinals?”  No, apparently I didn’t.  Med school fills a person’s brain but takes away all common sense.

Separately, I didn’t attend youth group last night and stayed home with Piglet.  During bath time when it came time to wash her booty, she said, “wash my ass.”

I said, “Excuse me what did you say?”

“Wash my ass,” she repeated.

Still not believing what I was hearing we played the name the body parts game.  When I pointed to her booty, she said, “Booty.”

I then asked, “Do you know any other words for booty?”


“Who taught you that word?”

Then she went into gibberish mode.  Since then we have tried to get her to repeat that word on her own, but she hasn’t.  She sticks to booty and that’s it.  I’m hoping I imagined the whole thing or just was misinterpreting her pseudo-annunciated speech.  So maybe medical school not only takes away all common sense but also makes people imagine things.

It’s only a month into 2nd year, and I’m already using women’s bathrooms and hearing my 23 month old cuss like a sailor.  Just imagine how bad it’ll be during 4th year.

2 Responses

  1. Could she have been saying ” Wash Mary Ellis?” We know what it sounds like when she says her name;-)

  2. LOL!!!!!!!

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