how was your day?

If you want to know how Piglet’s day was, you have to eavesdrop on her pretend conversation with Papa and Mimi right before dinner.  She picks up the phone and begins (with absolutely no direction or prompting):

Hello Papa Mimi
I go to park
no peanuts
sandwich baby ducks eat it
hurt foot, mommy kisses
booboo knee, daddy rub it, mommy kisses

What, you still don’t know what she did this afternoon.  Let me explain.

When we got home from school, she wanted to go to the park, but it was raining and we couldn’t.  But apparently she is in denial and thinks we went anyway.   We did go to the farmer’s market to get some veggies for dinner and some boiled peanuts.  She ate a lot in the car, but after 20, I had to tell her “no more peanuts” and that is what she remembers.

We also saw some baby ducks walk in front of our house.  She started yelling “sandwich” when she saw them because she wanted to feed the ducks some bread.  She doens’t get that bread is a food by itself.  Whenever she refers to it, it is cheese toast or sandwich.  So we went outside and gave the baby ducks a sandwich until the big ducks found us and chased us back inside.

Then she hurt her foot and I kissed it to make it feel better.  Then she fell and skinned her knee (for the 150th time).  Daddy cleaned the wound and I kissed it to make it feel better.  It’s pretty amazing to possess healing powers.

I’m not sure what pretend Papa and Mimi said to her after that because the rest of the conversation she was just agreeing with them and answering question until she decided she had to go and said goodbye.

I got a little teary as I listened to her conversation with pretend Papa and Mimi, telling them about her day.  It was just so sweet.  Too bad when she is actually talking on the phone the most you can get out of her is “hello, i love you, bye”


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  1. I miss her. It has been almost a week. Maybe she could call Grammy;-)

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