baby ducks

When we first moved into our neighborhood, we HATED, LOATHED, and DESPISED the ducks and geese and how they sat in the middle of the road when we were in a hurry and all of the poop they left in our driveway and yard and how they used to stalk me.    Seriously, there was one morning when we first moved in that there were five geese at my front door who would not move.  So I went out the garage door.  They didn’t look like geese you wanted to scrap with.  I’m still not a fan of the poop, but I can’t help but love having them around now because Piglet gets SO excited when she sees them, especially when there are baby ducks.

There was one particularly large batch/litter (I’m not sure what the appropriate word is) of baby ducks that claimed our yard as a favorite hang out spot.   There were 14 of them to start with.  Sadly, there are only six left.   Today they came into our backyard, so Piglet had the best time with them since they couldn’t get out easily and escape her.

And of course, we had to give them “sandwiches”.

fall 09 060

It took her while to get the hang of tearing off a piece to give to them

fall 09 063

And after a while, she started eating the bread herself.

fall 09 064

Sorry baby ducks, no more bread for you,

fall 09 065

which is probably a good thing because once she got the hang of tearing off pieces to throw to them, she started throwing the bread AT them, and she has a pretty good arm.  She nailed the mama duck in the head pretty good.


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