job well done

Non-trashy Gamecock Cheerleader Outfit complete with USC bows:  check

fall 09 084

Game Day face:  check

fall 09 083

Tailgating Cornhole Playing:  check

fall 09 088

Tailgating Football Playing:  check

fall 09 093

Questioning Ref’s Calls:  check

(also face tattoo:  check)

fall 09 090

While we were in the car this afternoon, the following conversation transpired out of nowhere:

Piglet:  Wildcats
Russ:  Did the Gamecocks beat the Wildcats at the football game?
Piglet:  Uh-huh.  Cocky.
Russ:  Did you see Cocky?
Piglet:  Uh-huh.
Russ:  Was everyone cheering for the Gamecocks?
Piglet:  Go gamecocks!
Russ :  Did we score a touchdown?
Piglet:  TOUCHDOWN (with arms up in the touchdown position of course)

Complete Gamecock Indoctrination:  check


3 Responses

  1. Oh my word, how stinkin cute!!!!! She is a mini-Dorothy! I love and miss you. Big time. I am in shock that she is nearly two….does time really go that fast?!?

  2. Great pictures. I especially like the one where she’s questioning the ref’s call;-)

  3. oh. my. GOSH!!! she is SO FREAKIN ADORABLE!

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