Last week, we got the plates and such for Piglet’s birthday party.  She was really excited about them and wanted to hold them while we were in the store.  Then she wanted to carry them out to the car.  Whenever she would ask for them, we would tell her that we needed to save them for her birthday party.  This morning, we said Happy Birthday, and talked about how it was her birthday and that she was now two years-old.  Then she started crying “birthday, hat, plate”.  I swear her amazing memory is not so good sometimes.  But I asked if she wanted to take a birthday hat and plate to school.  She said, “uh-huh”.  So she wore her George party hat and carried a George party plate into school today.

Then when I was at Publix to order her cake, I saw a pumpkin shaped jumbo cupcake and thought it would be the perfect way to actually celebrate her birthday on her birthday since she seemed to feel a little deprived and confused about the birthday date vs. the birthday party date.   So celebrate we did

Happy Birthday Piglet!

October 14, 2009

fall 09 104

fall 09 106

October 14, 2008

Taylor Grace - month 12 060

October 14, 2007


My, how time flies!


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  2. So precious! I can’t wait to celebrate on Saturday 🙂

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