Lazy Links

I typically am the QUEEN of procrastination.  But this week, I was COMPLETELY prepared for Sunday by Wednesday.  (Sunday school lesson, liturgy, post worship meeting, youth group lesson)…that NEVER happens – I am usually writing liturgy at 7:00am on Sunday mornings.  But for those of you who are procrastinating today – here’s some help*

I want to be her BFF

And just because if you have one Single Ladies link, you should have two.

You have to wonder sometimes what people are thinking.

What could the church learn from this site?

I haven’t quite figured out why yet, but I am totally intrigued by secrets.

I am around youth a bit, and I love it how whenever I crack a cheezy joke or word pun or use an outdated slang expression, they say “FAIL”!  Nothing helps strengthen your humility like working with youth, but this site makes me feel a little better about myself.

I am waiting for one of my notes to appear here, because this is totally me.  Seriously – a few weeks ago I printed (and laminated) a note that said,

Please leave this area clean.
Wash, dry, and put away all cups, plates, and utensils as soon as you are finished using them.
Wipe down the counter.
If you use a dish towel or dish cloth, please take it home, wash it, and put it back in the drawer.
Clean out coffee pot after each use.
All coffee is purchased with funds from selling fair trade coffee, so that all groups may use it.   Additional coffee can be found in the freezer in the fellowship hall.  Please use the Fellowship Percolator Blend for the large coffee urn and the smaller yellow bags of coffee in the smaller coffee pots.  Other supplies can also be found in the fellowship hall kitchen if needed.  Please notify the kitchen coordinator if we are low on any supplies.
Thank You!”

Am I right?  PS – there were still three dirty coffee mugs, a pile of dirty dish towels, and a half-full pot of four day old coffee on the counter yesterday.   The joys of shared space.  The office staff complains about the Sunday school class that uses it, and the Sunday school class complains about the office staff.  All I know is I don’t drink coffee, so it ain’t me.  But I’m the one who took the towels home to wash them. again.  OOOO – passive aggressive tangent rant.  sorry.

*Most of these links were shared recently by blogging friends and I stole them.


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