it’s tough being two

Today was Piglet’s two year well check-up.  And as if you didn’t already know – she’s perfect.

  • Weight – 27 lbs – 50th percentile
  • Height – 34 in – 50th percentile
  • BMI – 50% percentile

perfectly average and right where she’s supposed to be.

Unfortunately this visit also included two shots, a finger prick, and the nasal spray flu vaccine.  Not quite the way you want to celebrate your birthday.  You would have thought she knew it was coming.   We hadn’t talked about it.  And the last few times we’ve gone to the doctor, there have been no such unpleasantries.  She loves Dr. Drew and asks to see him whenever we talk about quesadillas.  (we once went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant with him).  But this visit, she was very hesitant.  When we got to the room, she would not come in.  Russ and I walked in with the nurse, but she stayed in the hallway.  When we asked her to come in, she said a very polite and sweet “no”.

Then when the dreaded instruments of torture came out, she knew immediately what they were and would not let the nurse anywhere near her precious little finger.  But she was actually a trooper through the finger prick once the nurse was able to hold her hand still.  She just watched, quite intrigued.  Then she walked around for the next hour flipping people off with her bandaided middle finger.

The nasal spray was quite hilarious to witness.  The nurse tried to get her to practice breathing in through her nose, but she couldn’t quite get the hang of it.  We went ahead with the vaccine anyway and when the nurse said, “breath in”, she blew out really hard like she’s blowing her nose.  all over my sweater.  lovely.  Then repeat for the second nostril.    So we’re only 50% sure she’s actually vaccinated.

The shots were just hard to be a spectator for.  I wish there was a way to take the shot and make sure she got the benefits.  The nurse gave her the first shot.  After a two second delay, Piglet started trembling and crying tears of pain and betrayal.  As if that weren’t bad enough, there was another one after that.  It’s been a while since she’s had shots, so I had forgotten how hard it was to watch.  But being the tough girl that she is, she was over it in a few minutes.

That was all pretty bad, but then when we were leaving, THEY WERE OUT OF STICKERS!!  For the love!  So instead softy daddy Russ told her we could go get a cookie because she was so good. (and because he wanted a sweet tea)


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