girl’s best friend

fall 09 117

This is Lucky, the wonder dog.  We do not have a pet because they need time and money, neither of which we have right now.  This makes me sad because before getting married I ALWAYS had pets.  always.  I really like them.  (of course, my mom would probably say that I liked them because I never really had to take care of them).  But I think pets are good for kids growing up.  And Piglet LOVES dogs.

My sister and brother-in-law threatened offered to get her a real dog for her birthday because she just adores their dog Abby and gets so very excited to see her whenever we go to their house.  Don’t tell them, but I actually think she gets more excited about seeing Abby than seeing them.

fall 09 042

They did not get her a real puppy, but really I don’t think she knows the difference.  She LOVES Lucky.  She thinks he is just hilarious.  She got him on Saturday at her party.  Sunday afternoon, she woke up from her nap and kept saying, “mucky” over and over again.  I thought she was saying “monkey” and couldn’t figure out what she wanted.  Then a light went off and I realized she was looking for her new BFF.

They have really been inseparable.  She has to be near him.  He has to watch her eat and go to the potty.  She carries him from room to room.  If she can’t find him, she wanders around saying, “Mucky, where are you?”.  While on the way home from school everyday, she starts asking for “Mucky” and I tell her that Lucky is waiting for her at home and has missed her while she was gone.  So she runs inside and finds him and hugs him as if she hasn’t seen him in years, her long lost pal.   Each morning when we leave, she tries to take him with her, but  I have to convince her to let him stay home because he’s tired.

She takes him into her play kitchen to get him some water.  She knows the trick to wake him up (turn him on).   She picks him up and hugs him.  She is slowly learning the commands to make him do tricks.  He can “sing a song”, “come here”, “sit”, “lay down”, and even “put ’em up” – and when you say “bang bang” he falls over.  This is what she finds most hilarious.  That and when he’s been ignored for a few minutes, he toots and says “uh-oh” in Scooby-Do fashion.  That, my friends, is the funniest thing EVER in two-year-old world.

Russ’ favorite command is “Lucky, go to sleep” because he just keeps barking when he’s awake.  (Kathryn did apologize to us for giving her the dog because of this and kept assuring us that we could turn him off).  But before he goes into sleep mode, he snores.  really loudly.  And this just gets Piglet intrigued and amused again, and she wakes him back up.  And the fun and hilarity (and noise) begins again.


4 Responses

  1. Hmmm….maybe I need to make her a Dorothy costume and “Mucky” can be Toto;-) She may not want to carry George, so the “Man in the yellow hat” costume wouldn’t be the same.

  2. I’m not really sorry … Josh & I were excited when we found little Lucky sitting on the shelf of the beloved toy aisle 🙂 Josh couldn’t wait for Piglet to open her present so that he too could play with Lucky 🙂

    I know pay back is coming … let the war begin!

  3. That is the kind of dog I want!!! HMMM – might be a great gift for Christmas this year 🙂

  4. Wow, I have never seen her look so much like Russ as she does in that first picture. He must have given her his delayed release genes.

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