RSVP, regrets only

This weekend, there were three major events happening in the world of me:

  1. 10 Year High School Reunion
  2. PC Homecoming
  3. USC football game

And I was home.  Why?  Because we are sad, pathetic, lame, broke, busy, tired, and stressed.

Instead of those wonderful and exciting events with friends and family,

we hung out with our daughter who is two, going on 15.

fall 09 125

We went to the church yard sale.

fall 09 129

We only came home with three small items on Saturday, but somehow this table and chairs ended up in my car on Sunday.

fall 09 130

We played with Lucky (notice the lovely post-nap hair).

fall 09 140

We went to the corn maze with Piglet.

(complete with hayride, petting zoo, pumpkin patch, and haybale maze)

fall 09 157


(Pastor Nominating Committee/Search Committee)  There are no pictures of this event, but by golly, there should be because it was momentous and joyous and spectacular.  There were applause and tears (ok, maybe only me, but still there were tears.  of joy)  Heck, I got teary the first time I heard the slate of names  last week because if you could have a PC(USA) PNC dream team, this would be it.   So I don’t apologize for my tears, no I don’t.  I mean, it’s only been 17 months since our previous pastor retired, but who’s counting.  We’re on our way.  Hallelujah.  Amen.

We watched two of our youth play soccer.

fall 09 181

And we took our youth to the corn maze.

fall 09 193

While there were many places that I would have liked to have been this weekend, we had a pretty fun and full weekend on our own.  and it was good.  At least that what I’ll tell myself as I look at the pictures my friends and family post on facebook over the next few days.


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  1. We missed you at the game and birthday lunch, and I’m sad you missed your reunion, but it looks like you had some fun:-)…..and how did I miss the table and chairs at your house? still in the car? I hope it didn’t come with all the junk (oops) toys on the table.
    (How do you do that crossing out words thing you do?)

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