daddy’s girl

He’s her hero brave and strong, and she’s her daddy’s girl.

He tells her jokes and makes her laugh.

They play I Spy, Let’s Pretend, and Catch Me If You Can.

This comes from one of Piglet’s favorite books “Dance Me Daddy” by Cindy Morgan.   She also loves the song version by Point of Grace.  She asks for “Daddy Dancing, Daddy Dancing” and “Daddy Dancing CBDB”  (CBDB=CD).  But really, any book about daddies tops her list.  She loves her daddy.

I think the feeling’s mutual.

I’m sure that 5 years ago, if Russ had made a list of the things he would never do, this might be on it:

fall 09 198

  • having pretend tea (granted it is sweet tea, not hot tea)
  • in a little pink chair
  • at a pink and purple table
  • with a princess on it.

But for the love of a sweet little girl, he would do anything.

taylor - summer 09 387

Dance me daddy, dance me around.  Don’t let my feet ever touch down.  There’s nothing better than being your girl.  If I am your princess then you are the king of the world. ~Cindy Morgan

taylor - summer 09 383

4 Responses

  1. that made me tear up….

  2. That makes me happy!

  3. Wow, what a wuss.

  4. Patrick, didn’t your fb status just say that you were watching high school musical?

    Kathryn – does Josh know what he’s in for in a few months?

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