road trip

Today, Piglet and I ventured out on our first road trip with just the two of us since she was a month old and slept the entire time.  I was quite nervous.  But she was pretty awesome.  We have timed all of our trips lately to concur with nap time or bedtime because she hasn’t been the biggest road trip fan.  She has no real idea about how far away Papa and Mimi or Kathryn and Josh live because she falls asleep a few minutes from home and wakes up a few minutes from their driveways.

Today was no different.  We set out after lunch and she was asleep as soon as we got on the interstate.  But she woke up half way to Kathryn and Josh’s house.  I was actually glad because I was hungry and in need of a bathroom.  So we stopped to get a snack and go shopping to break up the trip a little.  I realized that I hadn’t driven very far by myself in a long time – I usually get chauffeured by Russ, Grammy, or Pops – I’m not a fan of driving.

She was the perfect dining partner and actually behaved very well while we were shopping.   But we may have a problem with potty training – she is terrified of public restrooms.   She started screaming “no potty, no pee pee, no mommy potty, no Piglet potty” with pure terror in her voice like I was about to force her to go both times we went into the bathroom during our break.  I don’t know if her dad has turned her into a germophobe or  if she thinks she will get sucked into the abyss.   So we made do with pull-ups for our road trip.

Once we got back into the car, she  began the litany:  “no go home.  go see Kathryn and Joshie, and Abby, too.  go Kathryn Josh’s house.”  repeat.  repeat.  She didn’t trust me when I said that we would be there soon.  Remember, we are usually there when she wakes up.

But we finally did arrive, and she was beside herself with joy when she heard Kathryn’s voice. “I hear Kathryn.”

I’m glad she likes her family because we are going to be seeing them a lot over the next two months.  I’m kind of beside myself as well.  I’m also glad she’s better at road trips because we have to make a lot of them to see the aforementioned family.


3 Responses

  1. Glad she’s scared of public restrooms.

  2. I actually miss one on one road trips.

  3. HAHAHA! i second russ’s comment! although, it’s probably that she is scared of the very load flush that those toilets have. sera went through that too!

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