Being Grisswaldesque is in our genes I believe.  My Papa put giant wooden cut outs of Santa, the sleigh, and Rudolph on his roof.  My uncle carries on that tradition and has a Christmas tree in every room in the house.  My dad is truly insane.   His last Christmas in his old house he won second place in the city’s Christmas Decoration Contest.   There were tons of lights, inflatables, multiple trees, and the words “Merry Christmas” on the roof.  Every year he would hit the after Christmas sales and buy one more tacky decoration and hide until the next year.  We had to wait until decorating day to find out what the new tacky thing would be.

Even though I wasn’t as into all of the outside crazy decorations, I did always get excited about playing my Amy Grant Christmas CD and putting up the tree and decorating the inside of the house.  And now we are passing one the tradition to Piglet (complete with Amy Grant), and it is so much fun.

We just have to work on the placement technique, she put all of hers on the same two branches.

She also helped set up the nativity.  I have set up this very nativity every year for as long as I can remember.  It was difficult to pass along the role since I have set it up the exact same way every year for as long as I can remember.  But it was fun watching her put all of the characters in their places as daddy identified them.

However, we also need to work on her nativity placement skills.

Of course, my OCD self had to rearrange the nativity and the Christmas tree decorations when Piglet wasn’t looking.

3 Responses

  1. insane, you know you loved it and now miss “lights day”

  2. it is true – I do miss it, especially because I know Piglet would LOVE all the lights and inflatable characters.

  3. Maybe she can help Grammy decorate her tree…it’s not much fun since my girls left home:-( Pops has put up his traditional one ornament. She can put all the rest on the lower branches:-)

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