people are awesome

You know…when you’re out there in the world with other drivers, shoppers, salespeople, etc, it’s easy to lose sight that most people are awesome.   At least MY people are awesome.

Awesome People Group #1:  My church

My church peeps are pretty awesome most of the time.  helpful.  loving.  nurturing.  generous.   But this week, they are especially awesome (the property and finance committees in particular).  A few months ago following a near Youth Sunday technology disaster, I requested a new laptop so that I could not have near disasters and almost heart attacks during worship.  At that point money was tight, and I was told to do some research.   AND THEN – another staff member’s computer crashed, and since she doesn’t use it much, we came up with the plan that she would take my desktop and I would get a new laptop.  AWESOME.  So I researched some more (and by research, I mean I asked my dad).  And he came up with a few options.  After making my brain hurt for a few hours trying to understand things that I do not understand, I decided to shoot for the best computer option he gave, even though I was sure it was a pipe dream since the church likes to pinch pennies, not spend many of them.  But I wrote the powers that be an e-mail with all the specifications and justifications, and even offered to pitch in a little.

E-Mail response #1:  A good computer is not a luxury, but a necessity.  get it.

E-Mail response #2:  You have done your research well.  get it.

E-Mail response #3 (from the king of the penny pinchers):   Get it, and we don’t think you should pitch in at all.

I was honestly floored.  and giddy.  So I ordered my new laptop yesterday and cannot wait to play (and work very very hard, of course).   SO EXCITING.  I’m just amazed that I received so much support.  I am thankful for the church, for them trusting me to find a computer and purchase it and for them providing me with the tools I need.  Now…do you think they would go for a company minivan?  Maybe I should wait a few months.

Awesome People Group #2My parents

We were riding cramped in the car (two adults + a car seat in the back seat of the Blazer) on the way to the USC/Clemson game, and mom and Kathryn asked, “What do you want for Christmas”  I said, “a new minivan and a fancy camera and some new living room furniture.”  I was really joking, thinking all of those things were pipe dreams.  But THEN, when my dad and I were meeting to check out computers, he said, “we can take a break and go look at your camera”.  Silly me, I forgot that my parents were spoilers – always have been.   So tomorrow, I think I am going back to Best Buy to play with my top two choices before ordering it, so I have have it in time for Christmas – woo hoo.  Thanks mom and dad.  Hopefully, you’ll see some fun new photos soon as I learn how to use it.


Last year was really hard.  Russ really was rarely home.  There were many days where Piglet wouldn’t see him at all.  But this year, he has found a good balance and is home more.  Monday, I was feeling pretty crappy…I could barely get off the couch when I got home from work.  Even though it was exam week, and he was stressed, Russ came home early to relieve me of Piglet duty.  He even made dinner, cleaned up, and put Piglet to bed whilst I lay on the couch.   That’s pretty awesome.

Then he came home yesterday post exam and was a new man.  I was in the bedroom, and all I could hear was intense laughter and pure delight coming from a two year-old girl and a 28.75 year-old man.  So I lingered in the bedroom for a while, not wanting to disturb the long awaited carefree daddy-daughter time.

I am blessed.  and spoiled.  and grateful.

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