I worked at a Build-a-Bear one summer in college, and it was the funnest job.  But it was a funner experience to take Piglet.  Aunt Kathryn wanted to take her for Christmas so she could build her very own bear.

Step One:  Choose Me

Of course, Piglet picked out a cute puppy instead of a bear.

Step Two:  Stuff Me

Master Bear Builder “Can I hold your dog?”
Piglet:  “No”

It took some coaxing, but she finally let the lady hold her dog to get him stuffed.  Though she was a little scared of the stuffer – it sounded much like the terrifying vacuum cleaner.

Step Three:  Wash Me

Step Four:  Dress Me

(first of all, notice the puffy eye – In addition to all of the toys and books and clothes she got for Christmas, she also got pink eye)

We looked at all of the cute pink and girlie shirts, and Piglet thought she found some she liked, but then Aunt Kathryn brought over the USC shirt and asked her which one she wanted and she said, “THE COCKY ONE!”  She has been well indoctrinated.

Step Five:  Name Me

Aunt Kathryn:  What do you want to name your puppy?
Piglet:  Snack.
Kathryn:  What is your puppy’s name? (checking to make sure)
Piglet:  Snack.
Kathryn:  Ok then.

Step Six:  Take Me Home

Kathryn:  Do the birth certificates print out here?
Check out girl:  Yes.
Kathryn:  Do you have one for snack?
Girl:  laughter.
Girl:  Um, do you like have a professional photographer following you around for the day.
Kathryn:  No, that’s her mom.  She got a new camera for Christmas.

Building a puppy really makes you work up an appetite, so we had to make a stop at the cookie place.

After our snack with Snack, Piglet put her new puppy in the stroller, but then tired of pushing her around.   Then she saw the escalator, which she had never seen before, and was quite intrigued.  So she made Kathryn and Grammy take her up the escalator.  Meanwhile, I am pushing the stroller (which is not allowed on the escalator) with the stuffed puppy in it, around to the regular stairs so I can meet them at the door where we came in.   I suddenly realized how odd it must have looked that I was pushing a stuffed puppy in a stroller in the mall by myself.  Guess I can’t mock those people who push real dogs around in strollers anymore.

But once we were all together again and I was sufficiently mocked for pushing a puppy, we got in the car to meet Pops, Daddy, and Uncle Josh for an early dinner.

I think she likes Snack.

Thanks Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Josh!


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  1. I would like to comment that it was not Piglet or Snack who asked about the cookie place, but Piglet’s mommy;-)

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