welcome 2010

At first, I was not a fan of 2010.   I had a sleepless night because Piglet was in bed with me because the nutsos in our neighborhood started fireworks at 10:00 in the street right in front of Piglet’s window.  SHE slept fine (past 5:00 even – 5:05, but it’s progress) but all the hitting her head on the headboard and kicking me in the face kept ME awake.  THEN, she decided that she was not keen on our typical morning routine of me slowly waking up on the couch while she watches Sesame Street.  She watched for 5 minutes, then turned the TV off, and said “No watch street, I want to play with Mommy”  Sweet, but too early.  But we played…until she pooped in her pants.

I finally sent her in to wake Russ up after breakfast and tried to take a nap, but couldn’t sleep.  So I got up and got something to drink only to spill the entire cup on the floor.   10 minutes later, our pottying champ (she has had a rare wet accident in the past few weeks even though she refuses to do the two) peed in the floor.  So I yet again was on my hands and knees cleaning liquid off the floor.  An hour later, she did it again!   FOR THE LOVE.

So that was the first four waking hours of 2010.

The rest of the day went much better.  Russ decided to kick off his New Year’s by going for a run, and took Piglet with him.  When they came back inside, Piglet said (without any prompting) “Daddy’s tired” – quite perceptive that one.  Then as he was doing some weights, she decided to go get my little weight and work out with him.

If you’re looking closely enough to notice that Russ’ weights are wimpy – it’s not his fault – they’re mine, and they’re all we have.  He plans on buying some manly weights soon.

Then after Piglet’s awesome two-hour nap, we made cookies.  I was unsure how they would turn out.  Papa and Mimi gave her 101 cookie cutters for Christmas, so we had to make cookies roll out ready-made cookie dough for cutting out.  But when I suggested Russ buy the sugar cookies, he said, chocolate chip would be better.  But who cuts out shapes with chocolate chip cookie dough?  Apparently we do.

It was a little more challenging, but I’ll have to give it to Russ, they did taste better.


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  1. Way to go Russ – strong start on the New Years resolution with the running and wimpy weights. But then I guess the chocolate chip cutter cookies might have evened it out. We need some cookie cutters in our house. What kind are the 101? Happy 2010…here’s hoping that is the last of the liquid you have to clean up and for later wake up calls!

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