a tale of two pregnancies

Wouldn’t you know that the moment I decide to blog every day again, our internet at home would stop working.  We will be getting internet again next Tuesday after haggling with the cable companies for a week.  It’s amazing to me that when we first moved here, we didn’t have internet at home at all.  We didn’t get it until Piglet was born and I was on maternity leave and unable to use internet at church.   And for the first four months, I didn’t even have internet at work – I was limited to my every other day trek to Atlanta Bread Company or the like.   But  now I’m a complete addict and am sitting in ABC feeding said addiction.  But that’s not the point of the post.

I am now 14.5 weeks pregnant and it is so different from my first pregnancy.  I am already huge (not really huge, but I feel huge).   I don’t know if I have romanticized my first and have blocked out any negative experiences because I really can’t imagine that the experiences would be this different.  People are always asking me how I feel.    I know they are being kind and really care, but most of the time, I lie.  “I’m fine”  or “better now”

I think I have realized that the biological factors may not be that different, but the environmental factors are quite different and determining how I feel.

Last time, I could come home and sit on the couch after a long day at work.  Now, I come home from a long day at work and have a very busy two year-old to keep up with.

Last time, I could sleep as late as I wanted (which was usually only 7:00), but now a little person wakes up at 5:30 (which is way better than the 4:30 waking time of December but still too early).

Last time, I worked with a full-time head of staff and a full-time secretary.  Now I work with a 3/4 time head of staff and a 20 hr/wk secretary.

Last time, I was a DCE.  Now I am an Associate Pastor, with more responsibility (some church imposed, much self-imposed).

Last time, I was the new kid on the (work) block and relied on others for information and help.  Now I am the seasoned staff member trying to provide help and information to the new secretary and interim head of staff.

Last time, Russ was merely in undergrad science classes, on a couple month break, then working three days a week at the hospital.  Now he is in full swing in his fourth semester of medical school.    And I dread the start of his clinical rotations in July and the hours that come with it.

Last time, I flew solo when the head of staff was out for six weeks following a knee replacement.  Now, I am preparing to fly solo (AGAIN) when the head of staff will be out for a month with a knee replacement.  OK, yes this is largely the same, but what are the odds?!  Of course, I’ll get him back by going on maternity leave. 🙂

I hate to complain because I know that many women have much tougher pregnancies with morning sickness lasting all day for all nine months or complications or bedrest or miscarriages.  I’m healthy; baby B is healthy; Piglet is healthy; Russ has a cold, but is mostly healthy.  I am lucky.  very lucky.  I know that.   I just feel like tired poo, and want to not lie about it for a moment.


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  1. Please call me if you need a break. I remember how it is being pregnant with an active older child….you were the active older child:-) I can come any day after school and feed her and put her to bed.

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