I have already started nesting.  Cleaning. Organizing. Purging.  It’s bad news, especially for Russ because his to-do list is growing (he doesn’t know it yet).  Pray for his sanity over the next six months (and probably for a while after that).

But don’t you think I expect him to do everything.  I took Tuesday off because I had worked just about every day in January.  My goal was to do some serious couch sitting and stupid TV watching.  But the more I sat, the more I noticed the dust and dirt and clutter.  So I HAD to get up and dust and vacuum and organize.   I just couldn’t stand it.

Then on Friday, I was up in the attic (probably not the best idea when you are 15 weeks pregnant and home by yourself, but I was compelled, I could not not go in the attic and purge) pulling down stuff we haven’t seen in 3.5 years and took it to goodwill.  I also took some stuff that we have seen but was driving me crazy when I see it.  I will probably regret this purging at some point later in life when I think, “Gee, I really wish I had that oval basket”  but maybe not.  Hopefully not.

I am just amazed at how much stuff we have accumulated in our 6.5 years of marriage (OMG SIX AND A HALF YEARS), especially in the last 3.5 years since we moved into our house.  We had two practically empty rooms when we first moved in.  And now everything is full and we are supposed to fit a whole ‘nother person and his/her stuff!   There is no room.  Therefore I purge. And when I’m done, I purge some more.

It feels great to purge!  It’s freeing, liberating.  And I finally feel like I’m doing something to prepare for the baby.  It’s so strange the second time around when my every thought is not about “how to grow a baby”.  I figure my body knows what to do since it’s done it before.   So I just take my prenatal vitamins and nest.  and then I nest some more because I just can’t help myself.  I think I need a support group.


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  1. I’m a big time purger. and i have never regretted any purge! so, go forth and purge all you want girl!

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