Fire Fun

Two Fridays ago, I put on a dress.   I don’t typically wear dresses because I usually only dress up on Sundays and I have to wear pants to accommodate my battery pack (for my microphone).   But anyway, I put on a dress (a maternity dress), and we went out for a nice dinner with other ministers and educators  in the presbytery at the Fire Museum.  It was a pretty cool little place and there were bets about who would be the first crazy minister to slide down the fireman’s pole.  (then I regretted the dress-wearing decision).

So the next day we decided to go back so I could slide down the pole in pants we could take Piglet for an afternoon of fun.   There were antique fire trucks, fire simulations, and a fire truck simulator.  We thought she would really like the fire trucks because she also points at them and yells “FIRETUCK” every time one passes by.  And it was fun.

But even with all that fun fire stuff, her favorite thing was the slide

And the “free with admission” hat


2 Responses

  1. Oh wow. that place looks like tons of fun. our firemen in belgium aren’t quite as receptive and I have yet to find a fire museum. Very cool. Hope you were able to slide down the pole in pants!

  2. Now I understand why she kept making the siren sound …..

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