lesson learned

Once I’m out of my neighborhood, my drive to work is mostly at 45 mph, except one small 3/4 mile stretch of road that is 40 mph.  It is sandwiched between two longer stretches of road that are 45 mph.  I can never seem to remember to slow down.  You would think I could remember since this is where I got my only speeding ticket in the last seven years and there are cops sitting and waiting for speeders like me all the time, but still I forget and keep on driving at 48ish. (I live dangerously).  But I think after this morning, I won’t forget again.

This morning, I got to work, turned my computer on, and saw the message “Battery power low, press F1 to continue”.  So I reached into my bag to pull out my power cord so I could plug it in and press F1, only to realize by the lack of power cord that I left it at home.  GREAT start to a busy day!  So I grab my keys and head out the door to get home and get my power cord.  When I was pulling onto the road, I realized that in my hastiness I didn’t grab my wallet and thought to myself, “OK Dorothy, don’t break any traffic laws” or something like that.

I turn onto the stretch of 40 mph and drive along at my 48 mph pace out of sheer autopilot habit.  THEN a cop passes me coming from the other direction.  My heart beats a little fast and I slow down.  THEN HE TURNS AROUND.  I’m pretty sure I had a mild heart attack at this point and began getting my sob story ready and was completely ready to play the servant of God card.  But he follows about 50 yards behind me for a few blocks without turning on his lights.  When I get to the next stop light, he turns around again.  MIRACLE, I say.  I’m not sure who committed a crime worse than my speeding that caused him to turn around, but I’m sure glad they did.

I was still shaking 30 minutes later.   Geez Louise.  I think I’ve learned my lesson (on that stretch of road at least).


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