morning mayhem

Monday – 6:55 am

Scene:  I am in the bathroom getting ready.  Russ is still sleeping.  Piglet is watching Curious George (or so we thought).

I hear serious crying through the bathroom door and open it to find Russ catapulting out of bed (still half asleep I’m sure) and running into the living room to see what’s wrong.  I close the door again figuring he’s got it covered.  Then I hear a loud thud and a groan on top of the serious two year-old crying.  Then I decide it’s time for me to take action.   I run to Piglet’s room where she has on mismatched pjs (neither the top or bottom were the ones she was wearing when I got in the shower) except that she is stuck in the shirt and can’t get her arms out and she is crying that her finger hurt (she apparently closed it in the drawer while stuck in the shirt).   I get her shirt fixed and kiss her finger and then find Russ who was still wandering around looking for Piglet (still half asleep and now limping).  I seriously just laughed out loud as I typed this story. I then worry that Piglet had changed clothes because she had thrown up AGAIN (Sunday was not a good day), so I start looking for the original pjs.  I can’t find them in the usual places, so I ask her where she put them, and she very matter of factly (with a side of “duh”) said “in the washing machine”.  Sure enough they were IN the washing machine.  Impressive.  But they were not dirty, I am not sure why she got the urge to change at that moment.

Wednesday – 5: 40 am

After a restless night of having to get up and potty and bad dreams, Piglet starts crying so I go into her room to get her up.  She asks for another pull-up, but I try to convince her that she can wear her Dora panties, so she doesn’t need another pull-up.  MELT DOWN.  I finally get her pull-up off and panties on.  But then, as I get her pants half way on, she screams, “NO MY DO DIT BY MYSELF” and starts thrashing about.  So she takes off her pants and then tries to start over by herself, only when she pulled them off they turned inside out.  So I let her struggle with it by herself until she looks at me with eyes full of tears and says, “Mommy, help please”.  So I fix her pants and she gets dressed.

5:50 am

We head into the kitchen to fix her morning cup of juice.  I pick out her pink cup and get it ready.  MELT DOWN.  “No, I want the blue one”  I refuse to give in and let her have a tantrum that lasted five minutes.  I put her juice where she can reach it and go back to the couch.  After five minutes, she comes and sits in my lap – still crying, but a little calmer and easier to understand

  • Piglet:  I want the blue cup.  It matches my pajamas, the shirt and the pants
  • Me:  Well, the pink cup matches your pink socks, don’t you want the pink cup?
  • Piglet: Uh-huh

Then she gets down, gets her pink cup, snuggles back in my lap, and we watch the last two minutes of Sesame Street.

I must say that this week, I have not been sad when I drop her off at school.   I am STRESSED OUT and AT MY WITS END before I even get to work.

4 Responses

  1. I seriously laughed out loud reading this post. I am imagining Russ limping through the house half asleep (he was trying to help … bless his heart). I know there are days like this in Josh’s future. He has already been found wandering around in the middle of the night trying to pick up Roo (even when she isn’t crying). I think he is having dreams about her crying!

    I love all of the blogs 🙂

  2. We must never let Piglet and Rosie form an alliance. They will take over the world.
    I feel you Dorothy. Oh, how I feel you. Hope it gets less stressful soon.

  3. Russ thought I should mention that Monday was his birthday and the scene I describe was his second awakening. When Piglet first woke up at 5:40, she cried that she wanted Daddy to change her poopy diaper. and who am I to argue.

    So she climbs in bed with him, gives him a sweet kiss on the cheek, says “Happy Birthday Daddy”, then says “Daddy, I need a new pull-up”

    Happy Birthday Russ!

    oh, and it’s exam week – I think he needs a birthday do-over

  4. “My Do Dit” and this blog makes me think that we may have switched kids because it sure sounds like it! Ava does so many of the same things that I totally feel like you are talking for me as well! She loves to pick her clothes and if it doesn’t match and I try to switch we have a total meltdown! We’ve been battling no naps as well so look forward to that soon. Hope your feeling well and can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or girl!

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