MedSchoolMonday: jumps and thuds

Since day one of medical school I’ve had a recurring nightmare that I’d be on the way to an exam, and my car would break down in route (we haven’t exactly been driving cars in their prime).   I had another seven hour test this past Friday—there are only two more to go until starting clinicals.  I went to bed at 9:00 the night before.  I set out my clothes to wear the day of the test.  I packed my bookbag with everything I needed.  I was prepared.

Then I set out at 6:30am Friday morning for the 30 minute trek into Charleston.  About half way there I heard a weird noise that wouldn’t go away.  But there was a piece of junk car next to me so I thought that was it.  Then my car seemed to jump with a loud thud.  But it was dark and I figured I just hit a bump.  Then the piece of junk car exited and the noise was still there.  The car jumped and thudded again.   I thought, “Oh shit.”

It is my tradition to stop by the Hardees next to my parking lot to get an egg and cheese biscuit and coffee on the day of tests.  I don’t like change so I risked it.  I went through the drive thru, ordered my grub, and barely made it to the window.  I tried to push the gas to see what would happen and the car went nowhere.   I thought, “Oh my God, the Hardees lady is about to bust a gut laughing at me.”

I put the car in park, shifted back to drive, grabbed my stuff, and, thanks be God, was able to move and time the traffic just right to pull across the street into my spot.   I then went to take my test, the Dodge Intrepid having taken its last move on its own.  They want $2800 to fix the transmission.  The car’s worth about $500 when it’s working well.  We’re hoping to get a deal on a Toyota.

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