Piglet phrases

I keep forgetting how old Piglet is, and how much she knows – far more than I give her credit for most days.   She surprises me with her thoughts and random phrases.  I wonder where she’s getting most of it.  I wanted to record a few examples before I forgot this stage of cuteness:

Piglet LOVES going to church.  She thinks that everyone there is her BFF.   We were chatting with some folks in the sanctuary after worship and slowly everyone headed over to the fellowship hall for the fellowship time until it was just the three of us and another couple left.  She looks through the window into the narthex to see that the people who were in there were now gone, so she said, “Where did all my friends go?”  So we had to leave Russ to chatting and head to the fellowship hall so she could see all of her friends again.


She is not the best listener, and she tends to ignore us when we ask her a question, so we have to get her attention, say “Mommy is trying to ask you a question” then repeat the question for the eighth time.  Last week, Russ and I were talking in the kitchen and she was in the playroom and saying something, but I figured she was just talking to herself as she is known to do.   Then she comes to the doorway and yells “Daddy, I’m trying to ask you a question!”


Since she has not been a good listener for a while and doesn’t seem to be getting any better, we are experimenting with a new discipline technique.  Every time she doesn’t listen after the third time, I take away a toy and put it on top of the big bookshelves in our living room.  She can choose a toy to get back when she does a really good job listening the first time.  When Grammy came over yesterday, she showed her where many of her toys were and said, “My toys are on the shelf because I didn’t listen.  My climb up and get them.”  (Now we know we can’t leave her alone in the living room anymore)


When she has had too much to eat or drink, she pushes her cup/plate away and says, “I need to take a break”


I sent her in to wake Russ up on Saturday morning to tell him that breakfast was ready.  She was unsuccessful the first time, so I told her to try again and tell him that it snowed, then I hear “Daddy, get up.  It snowed.  It’s AMAZING.  Come see it!”  I wish I could convey the tone in which she said AMAZING – it was certainly said with amazement.


Sunday night, she literally worked on pooping in the potty for four hours (what?! TMI).   She would get and say that she needed to go, go sit on the potty for a bit, then decide she was done without going.  She refused to get off the potty from 5:30-6:15 trying to go.  She even ate dinner on the potty….a potty picnic if you will.  (there is a photo to embarrass her with later, but I will refrain from posting that one – I do have boundaries, even if they are still a little on the far side of TMI).  Once she finally went, we celebrated and clapped and yelled “YAY…GOOD JOB” .  Then she went to get her potty party m&ms.  I said she could have three since she pooped and peed (she gets one for number one and two for number two).  She said, “No, two is enough”  and put one in each hand and headed off to get ready for bed.

This morning, she woke up a needed a diaper change.  Grammy went in to change her and Piglet asked if it was a big poopoo.  Grammy said it was, and Piglet said, “Say yay!”  But Grammy had to explain, that no, you don’t get a yay when you poop in your pull-up only when you poop in the potty.


Papa and Mimi sent a bag of Valentine m&ms back with Russ yesterday for Piglet.  Russ tried to tell her she could have several since it was a present, but she said, “No, one is enough.  I need to go potty to get one more.”  Then that’s exactly what she did.  She does not listen and follow most rules, but this one m&m for number one and two for number two rule is hard and fast.


She is BIG on matching.  Her cup has to make her pjs.  Her spoon has to match her fork.  Yesterday, she got herself dressed with pink socks, pink pants, and a pink shirt and delightfully exclaimed “my socks match my pants and my shirt”.

She also found fruit loops to match her blue cup and the green top to her cup this morning and was pretty excited.  She’s a strange one.


Piglet is convinced that baby B is a boy.  She will say at random times “My baby brother in mommy’s belly” – we’ll see soon enough if she’s right and I have to figure out what we will name him.  I’ve got the perfect girl name, but none of the boy names fit yet.


We have found that white grape juice makes Piglet poop when nothing else will.  Yesterday, Russ told Piglet that she had a big belly and needed to drink some more grape juice so she could poop.  Then she patted Russ on the stomach and said, “Daddy, you have a big belly, you need to poo poo”.

3 Responses

  1. You need to add that when I told her climbing the shelf would be dangerous, she said, “My get a ladder.”

  2. You should start a new trend – “The White Grape Juice Diet” The tagline could be “Do you need to poo?”
    I’d jump right on that train!

    P.S. I am feeling girl for this pregnancy. Which is probably totally accurate, because we are around each other all the time. Still! I think girl!

  3. I also say girl. We all called it for Russ and a house full of girls from the very beginning. Then again, I was supposed to have all boys. Hmmm….

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