I am thankful that Piglet doesn’t know about lying yet.

We got the good night light to try to keep Piglet in bed until a reasonable hour in the mornings.  It’s a night light that has a slight blue moon glow at night, and then turns into a yellow sun at the time you set it for in the morning.  It was working beautifully for a while, but lately she’s been waking up early anyway.  It is currently set to turn on at 5:40.  At 5:38 this morning, I hear “I broke it, I broke it” being cried from Piglet’s room.  I go in to find that she has unplugged it so that it turned off.  She was very upset and certainly accepting the blame.

I’m also thankful that she doesn’t lie yet because it’s hard to believe her even when she tells the truth.

Last Friday, we were at dinner with Grammy and talking about her Valentine’s Party at school that day.  Grammy asked her what she ate and she answered “cupcakes” and then Grammy asked what color they were and she answered “blue”.  We said no they weren’t blue because  it was Valentine’s Day – weren’t they red or pink or white…I had even seen cupcakes on the counter when I dropped her off that were traditional Valentine’s colors.   We didn’t believe her.  Then Friday night, I was getting ready to wash her clothes when I pulled the shirt she had worn to school out of her bag – it had blue on the sleeves.  Hmm…..  Then Tuesday afternoon when I picked her up from school there were pictures on the wall from their party.  Sho’nuf – there was the proof that she was eating a blue cupcake at the Valentine’s Party.

This morning, she was sitting at the table eating her breakfast and said that her feet were cold and she wanted her socks.  Russ asked her where they were, and she said “on the coasters”  Russ’ first reaction was “no, why would they be on the coaster”  but sho’huf – he turned around and there was an Elmo sock on each coaster.

I think as parents we are going to have to get better about telling lies apart from truth.

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