phase 3

Plague Phase 1:  Fever, Lethargic, Cuddly, Snuggly, Tired, No apetite, a pure joy when the Motrin kicks in

Plague Phase 2:  Fever, Lethargic, Cuddly, Tired, No apetite, just plain uncomfortable and miserable, Throwing up

I have done 9.  nine.  NINE.  loads of laundry in the past four days.  and there are only three people living in my house.  Granted four of them were our regular laundry.  But the pile has been continuously growing as every time Piglet threw up, we had to change her clothes, our clothes, a blanket, a pillow perhaps, all of our sheets.   After six times, I was a little over the vomit and the increasing pile of laundry.

And now we are in the third phase AKA the so-very-tired-but-not-wanting-to-sleep-so-is-therefore-cranky phase of the plague.  While I am glad that Piglet is feeling better and is no longer throwing up everything she eats/drink (even that one sip of water), I do not like this third phase at all, because crankiness begets defiance and not listening and all around misbehaving and breakdowns of immense proportions brought on by NOTHING.  And she has no fever, yet I cannot send her to school because she has had a fever and thrown up in the past 24 hours.  Darn you school and your practical rules to keep kids not sick!

She is SO tired, but fights sleep.  Yesterday, she fell asleep in the car for her nap, but then woke up 5 minutes after we got  to Pops and Grammy’s house.  Then at 4:30, she CONKED OUT as soon as we got back into the car to pick Russ up from school.  We tried to wake her up when we got home so she could eat dinner, but she just said, “no, I want to go lay down in my bed”  So she did, and she actually slept until 6:00 this morning with only a few very short wakings (once with her fever back up and in need of meds, once with a nightmare, once because she wanted to join me in my not-so-comfortable sleeping spot on the floor, and once because she was cold).  I’m surprised she slept so well considering, but I sure would have appreciated 11 hours of straight sleep myself.  Even though she slept so long, she was still tired all morning.  But even being so tired, she fought her nap HARD, but Russ won the battle and she is sleeping, hopefully for a long time and hopefully the end of phase three.

And I hope that there are no more phases to this plague – this horrible virus that was not the flu, or strep, or an ear infection according to yesterday’s dr. visit which including swabbing of the nose and throat. and a catheter.  poor Piglet.   The fact that this plague was untreatable was very unfortunate because Piglet is a bit of a hypochondriac and thinks that medicine and band-aids and ice packs and doctors can make everything better.  We got ready on Monday, and she said in her sad sick little voice, “I want to go to the doctor to make me feel better”.  Have you ever met a kid who liked going to the doctor?   Although I think after yesterday’s traumatic experience, she might be over the doctor.   I don’t think she would think that feeling better would be worth it.

PS – I kind of miss the sickness induced cuddle-to-nap moments that we had during Phases 1 and 2.  Does that make me a bad mom?

3 Responses

  1. hope piglet feels better soon!

  2. Piglet woke up from her nap still tired and grumpy and with a low fever. But after a FULL night of continuous sleep, she was back to her old self this morning. HOORAY.

  3. yay! 🙂

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