Pregnant Camel

We started reading Dr. Seuss’s ABCs to Piglet when she was still pre-ouside-world.   We were convinced it was her favorite book because she would kick and move most when Russ read it.  Even at one day old, she seemed to totally dig it.

And she has since still asked to read it on occasion, even with her HUGE selection of books.   But last week, Russ was reading it to her before she went to bed.   Then Russ comes in the living room and says:

“I was reading the ABC book and when I got to the Big C, little c page, she said that she wanted mommy and baby to read it….I think the camel made her think of you.”   Thanks a lot.

And so I had to read the book to her that night.  And every night since then.   After she gets ready for bed, we always ask who is going to read books to her, and she usually picks equally between Russ and I (unless Grammy is present, then the choice is ALWAYS Grammy).  But since that night last week, she has chosen me.  Then when I say “go pick out three books”  she looks frantically for the “alligator book with the camel”.

I want to say that she just loves spending time with me and that she is just so eager to learn about letters and words, but I’m afraid that it’s because she thinks I look like a camel (and I’m only 20 weeks, boy is she in for a rude awakening).  How do moms have any self-esteem with honest kids?


4 Responses

  1. hmmm…20 weeks? i’m thinking that you are holding out on some important information. sera has asked almost everyday about this important fact. should i tell her she has to wait another 20 weeks to find out? 😉

  2. no, for some weird scheduling reason, we won’t find out until march 12 – and I was rounding up to 20.

    plus my sister is hosting a “gender reveal” cookout on the 13th with our family, so we have to keep it a secret until then anyway, so it’s actually good that we don’t know until the 12th. but you will be the next to know, I promise.

  3. ok, i’ll let sera know. she will probably mark the 13th on her calendar and make me check your blog 100 times that day! she is REALLY into babies 🙂

  4. PS: we have since learned that Piglet was not in fact comparing me to a camel (thanks Russ) but IS in fact a genius. We have told her before that we used to read the ABC book to her when she was still a little baby in mommy’s tummy, so she was making the connection that the new baby should also hear the ABC book whilst in mommy’s tummy.

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