new ride

I asked for advice on whether or not we should buy a minivan a while back because we thought my car was dead.  Fortunately, it was not.  But three weeks ago, Russ’ car really died.  So here were were with two STELLAR cars:

2000 Cheverolet Blazer (AKA Mommy’s car)

  • 140,ooo miles
  • driver’s side door is falling apart…the frame is not connected to the interior anymore, so I can’t use the handle to close it, I have to use my fingertips and grab onto the part by the bottom of the window to close it
  • the duct tape that is holding the mirror cover on the visor is failing, so if I try to pull down the visor to block the sun, I get hit in the head with the cover.  scares me every time.
  • the gas gage doesn’t work
  • it makes high-pitched whistling sounds
  • it lunges forward randomly when sitting idle at a stop light
  • and this is our “good” car

2001 Dodge Intrepid (AKA Daddy’s car)

  • 180,000 miles
  • dead transmission (estimated at $2600-3400 to replace)
  • problem with the oil tank that requires added new oil every 1000 miles (once between each scheduled oil change)…this I don’t understand, we just do it because my dad told us to when we got the car from him
  • worth $500 IF it were running

During the three weeks of one running car and one dead car, we had to improvise.  Whenever we had to take Russ to the bus stop or drop me off at the church, we would tell Piglet that it was because daddy’s car was broken.  After a few days, she would remind us that the car was broken whenever we walked outside and found just one car in the driveway, just in case we forgot.

So we finally decided that being a one car family was not for us and got a new car.   Piglet stayed with Grammy while we went shopping and when we came back, Grammy said, “look at your new car”.   And when we delayed in taking her out to see the car, she said, “I want to go see my new car.”  She’s a big fan.

And she definitely considers it her car.  Russ is driving the Blazer, but she still calls it Mommy’s car and says that Daddy’s car is broken.  If I try to say that the black car is mommy’s new car, she corrects me EVERY TIME saying, “No it’s my car.”

We are all fans of our new Dodge Caravan – I’m proud to be a minivan mom.


2 Responses

  1. The way our family keeps cars and passes them down, maybe she will drive it one day.

  2. Welcome to the MiniVan Club! It rocks!!! 🙂 You will be so glad with your bundle of joy coming soon!!!

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