coupon fairy

I have always used coupons and tried to find the best deals, but I am new to the true art of couponing.  I know that people who do it well can save 50% or more on their grocery bill, but I am still learning, so I average about 40%.  Publix is our grocery store of choice because they take competitor coupons, have a good organic selection, give free cookies and balloons to kids, and the staff is really nice.

I was especially fond of their weekly penny item.  (you take in the coupon from the weekly flier and get the mystery item for a penny).   I was quite bummed when they stopped putting the penny item in the flier and hiding it in the regular Wednesday paper (which we don’t get).  So I decided to give up on the penny item.  Then I thought that getting the $.50 paper would still be worth it if we needed the mystery item.

Yesterday, the mystery item was supposed to be Publix cookies, so I decided not to waste my $.50.  BUT THEN.  I walked into the store to see that THIS Publix was selling white grape juice as their penny item, which was already on my list, because, well, you know.   I was running late, so I didn’t go back to buy the paper and search for the coupon and decided to suck it up and spend the $3.64 on the juice.  BUT THEN, when I was in the check out aisle, the cashier asked the man in front of me if he had any coupons, and he said, “Only the penny item coupon – what is it today?”  When she told him, he decided he didn’t want the juice and said, “Well, can you just save it and give it to someone who could use it?”  SCORE.  So I said, “I could use it – I have to buy the juice anyway and didn’t have the coupon.”  He said, “Great” and I said “Thank you so much!”

Then I felt like I was in one of those Liberty Mutual commercials.  Because I turned around to see the older gentleman behind me looking for the grocery divider thing, so I grabbed it and handed it to him with a smile (something I would have probably done anyway), but he responded with a “thank you” as enthusiastic as mine to the coupon fairy.  It was just one of those brief moments in the midst of a busy day that gives you a little hope (and saves you $3.63).

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