MedSchoolMonday – Sunday edition

From Dorothy:  I’m kind of mad because I was going to write this post, but Russ got the computer first. (PS – I would have written it better)

From Russ:  Nine years ago on a Maymester trip to France I met a girl.  I first noticed her on the first day of our trip in the trenches of Verdun as a friend and I mischievously lagged behind the group.  Yes, her backside was the first side I noticed, but I noticed her and I continued to notice her throughout our time in France.  On that trip we got to know one another, and I had a sense that was beginning to take hold of how special that girl was and how I wanted her to be a part of my future.  At the same time, back in the States, my brother and sister-in-law were expecting their first child, my first nephew.

Toward the end of our trip in France, while perusing the streets of Paris, I bought a gift to take back to my nephew—an authentic Paris Bib with an Eiffel Tower on it.  Admittedly, the purchase of this gift was motivated by excitement about being an uncle, and, at least in part, to impress the girl walking next to me so that she might mistakenly think I was caring and sweet.

At the time, neither of us could have predicted that one day that bib would be returned, mixed in a couple of boxes of boy’s clothes, for our own son to wear.  But here it is…

From Dorothy:  It worked, I was smitten from that moment on, or suckered, whatever.

7 Responses

  1. Awesome. So happy for you three.

  2. 🙂 so sweet. congrats!

  3. Very sweet. It’s nice to see a sentimental side of Russ. Now aren’t you glad Margie kept that bib? Don’t grumble when we women folk have a hard time parting with baby things:-)

  4. congrats guys. what a super sweet story. I didn’t know you two met in France. can’t wait to see this little boy in his Eiffel Tower bib.

  5. now that is a great story! lucky, lucky boy!

  6. I loved being there to see the ‘beginnings’ of your love story. God is so good to you two. I am always tempted to buy you guys every eiffel tower anything that I see!

  7. Congrats on baby boy! What Pooh nick name will you use?
    I can’t say I was there to see the very beginning of your love story in Paris, but I was there when he picked you up for your first date at PC. You came back talking about this boy you met in Paris. So cute!!
    By the way, we have baby number 2 on the way, too! Maybe we can actually get together some time so they can meet!

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