pink and blue

My sister is pretty awesome.  She just had a baby herself and JUST returned to work teaching crazy 5th graders.  But this weekend, she hosted a gender reveal shower for us.  We found out about baby boy on Friday, but were supposed to keep it a secret from everyone until the party on Saturday with my family.  DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD THAT IS?!  It was only 24 hours, but having to catch myself when I was about to use a revealing pronoun nearly wore me out.  I went to bed at 8:30 on Friday night, in part because Piglet was having trouble settling down and in part because it was too hard to hang out with people and not let it slip – so being anti-social seemed the better option.

It was funny to watch everyone try to get info from Piglet.  But she was trained well and always answered something like “I’m going to have a brother and a sister and a baby” or “I’m going to have a sister and a boy” – not sure if she was clever or confused, but she kept them guessing.   But she did know that she was going to be a big sister.

All of the party guests wore the color of what they thought the baby would be (pink=girl; blue=boy).   The majority was right.

It was lots of fun and good excuse to get the family together.  We see a lot of each other in the fall between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and football, but the spring is much harder.  Kathryn is super creative; check out the decorations:

And the food was pretty good, too.   My brother-in-law and cousin-in-law stayed up all night to cook the BBQ – they are crazy but it was good.

Piglet didn’t eat much of her meal, but she was a big fan of the cotton candy and cupcakes.

The food coloring in the icing worked more like a stain and everyone (especially the babies/toddlers/mommas) were dyed pink or blue for the rest of the day.  The cupcakes were used in the “reveal”.   I was supposed to pick the color cupcake according to the gender – but I made the mistake of letting Piglet help me.  I whispered, “pick up a blue cupcake”  but she responded “no blue is for boys, I want the pink cupcake”  oh well.  Everyone found out regardless.

Thanks Kathryn and Josh!  and one more picture, just because she’s cute and was also a good hostess:


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