cat adoption

Last week, a random cat appeared at our door.  He watched Russ paint the front door late one evening.  The next day, he greeted Piglet and they became instant friends through the window.

And now, whenever we come home or walk out of the house, he runs from wherever he is to us.   One morning, he even got into the car with us.  And yesterday morning, he managed to sneak his way into our house.  Luckily, we were able to remove him easily both times.  Then last night as I was asleep on the couch after 10:00 pm and Russ was coming in from a late night run to the grocery store with two bags in his hands, the cat stealthily snuck in and got into a back room in the house.  Russ starts panicking and can’t figure out where the cat is or what to do….this was quite humorous from my half-asleep state on the couch.  But after some coaxing with a plate that used to have cheese cake on it, we got the cat out and relaxed.

Piglet just thinks he’s the greatest thing and giggles with glee whenever she sees him or when he runs up to her.  We are not sure what to do with him.  He does not have a collar, but looks to be well taken care of and is very nice.  He has adopted us, but I am pretty sure Russ is not ready to adopt him back (he’s a cat hater).  So I guess for now, we will let cat and girl continue to get acquainted through the window and see what happens (and try harder to keep him from getting in the house).


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