Doctor’s Wife

A few weeks ago, Russ asked, “I have this reception at the Dean’s house to go to, would you like to come with me?”  I said “sure”.  When I asked him what I should wear, he said it was casual.  When I hear “casual”, I think of shorts and flip flops.  But then I tried to remember that this was a reception in one of the large historic downtown houses and that most of the guests would be doctors (namely the school’s biggest donors).  So I rethunk my definition of casual – thinking back to my PC “snappy casual” days and donning a cute sundress and flip flops.   (PS – is it sad that my maternity clothes are cuter than my regular clothes? – I guess that’s what happens when you borrow maternity clothes from women with actual style and wouldn’t dare consider wearing shorts and flip flops to the Dean’s house).

So last night we got all casually dressed up – I wish we would have taken a picture because it is such a rare occasion – and headed downtown and I was thinking, “ah…the life of a doctor’s wife – heading downtown for a reception with the other doctors and their spouses.”  We walked up to a beautiful house with beautiful things and catered food.

THEN we were asked, “do you mind serving the wine?”  Oh right, not quite a doctor’s wife yet.  I am a mere medical student’s wife, so we were there to serve.  I would say that giving a pregnant clumsy woman the task of carrying a tray of wine glasses is not the wisest move, but at least I had some clever small talk with the guests:  “Would you like some wine, because I sure would.”  or “Oh, I just serve the wine, I don’t drink it” – when they ask which is better.

I kept forgetting that I wasn’t as small as I once was and bumped into many people as I tried to navigate my way through the crowds to refill my wine tray.  We ultimately decided it was better for me to stay in place holding my tray and sending Russ back and forth to get the refills.

But all in all, it wasn’t a bad evening.  I got to look into our future.  I got to meet a few of Russ’ classmates for the first time.  I got to meet the Dean who was super nice.   I got to witness the Dean’s dog  help himself to the tray of ham biscuits before the guests arrived – and watched the tray get turned around and returned to the table – but still ate several ham biscuits because they were THAT good.   I didn’t spill a single glass of wine or break a single wine glass (which is probably shocking to my mom and sister after all of the Christmas glasses I broke).  And at the end of the evening, because I am just a medical student’s wife and not a doctor’s wife, we got the doggy bags of left over food. SCORE.


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  1. I can just imagine you serving wine with a baby belly – it makes me laugh 🙂 What dress did you wear? What did Russ interpret as “casual” for himself?

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