Spring Sprung

Today did not begin or end so well because of tired crankiness, but the middle was spectacular.

We started off at the playground where Piglet did “swings and slides and steps and wait your turn” and had a blast.  We followed that with lunch with Grammy and Pops and a short nap.  Then it was yard time.  On a day like today we couldn’t be inside.

While Piglet napped, Russ went to the store to buy stuff to wash our van.  We’ve been married 6.5 years and never used car washing stuff and you can bet we never paid to have our car washed – we just had dirty cars.  But Piglet’s car deserves better with all of its shiny newness.   Of course, we made her wash it since it is her car and all.

We topped the day off with a picnic in the park.  We found a nice spot after dodging all of the prom goers taking pictures.  I am so thankful to be at this stage in life and not that one – I’m pretty sure we had the better evening: talking about life and the birds and the moon and the trees and the sky.

We are all so glad that Spring is FINALLY here!

One Response

  1. so cute. we are still holding our breath for bathing suit weather here. and yes, you definitely had more fun picnicking than promming. hope to see you soon!

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