my girl

Have I mentioned that Piglet loves singinga lot.  She sings all the time.  Of course, we sing with her a lot.  which is really quite scary because Russ and I are not known for our good singing.  We both panic a little when wearing the wireless microphones for worship – checking 14.5 times to make sure it is off before singing along with one of the hymns.  I am pretty sure that Russ even lip syncs when he has the mic on.  It’s that bad, really.

But that doesn’t stop us from singing with Piglet, oh no.  And while I usually stick to the children’s songs, Russ goes for the oldies when singing to Piglet.  At night when he puts her to put, she always asked for “shoo-wop“.  (I should mention that he does not know the correct words to ANY song, so most of the words he sings are wrong, but Piglet doesn’t know that, so I guess it’s ok – except when he tries to sing “Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee” song, Piglet makes him stop singing saying, “no daddy, those aren’t the words”).

The other night, while giving Piglet a bath, Russ started singing My Girl.  Piglet was singing along and repeating the lines – she’s a quick learner.  But this is how the first verse went:

I’ve got sunshine
On a cloudy day
When it’s cold outside
put my jacket on

Piglet sang that last line without missing a beat (and even to the right tune)- I guess she gets the making up lyrics gene from her dad.  But it was clever and we could not stop laughing.  And now she sings her own version of My Girl every time.

I love that kid.


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