ends well

My last post was all about how clean my life is…probably made people think bad thoughts about me – oh, look at me with my clean house and clean church.  BUT THEN.  I got a horrendous stomach bug Thursday night and in the  24 hour duration, our house went from clean and orderly to complete mess and nasty.  Really, that quickly. it was unbelievable.

But I did recover, even though I lost three pounds in that 24 hours.  BUT THEN we went to the Flowertown Festival today where funnel cake was consumed, prior to a big lunch.  Pretty sure those three pounds didn’t stay gone long.  (I don’t advise eating fair food within 12 hours of recovering from a stomach bug – my stomach was not ready for that).

But  even with the nasty bug and the nasty house, we had another awesome Saturday.

Piglet got her first taste of rides at the festival – she’s a big fan and kept wanting to get on the big kid rides.  I think she’s going to be a daredevil.  Just look at her face:

After fun at the festival with Pops and Grammy and a nap, we spent the afternoon in the yard because it was another can’t-stay-inside kind of days.  We were putting out pine straw and “our” cat came by for a visit.

and soccer was played

Watching father and daughter play soccer is probably one of my favorite things because 1)  Piglet laughs and squeals with pure delight, 2) Russ laughs and squeals with pure delight, and 3)  Piglet is actually pretty good (and so is Russ).

2 Responses

  1. I am soooo jealous …. I want to be part of the family festivities 😦

  2. three words: move to Charleston!

    also, we decided on saturday (when we kept losing mom because she kept stopping to shop) that next year, you and Josh need to come down and we can all go for a little while, then you, mom, and I can go back to shop while the guys keep all THREE kids!

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