Today was yet another BEAUTIFUL Saturday, so we, of course, made the most of it…OUTSIDE.   We started out by hitting up the FREE eggstravaganza at the local park.  There were lots of exciting things going on, but also LOTS of people, so there was a line for everything.  But all in all, a fun hour.

There were bunnies and chicks and baby ducks!

There was a jump cage thing with a slide.  It took Piglet about 26 minutes to figure out how to get up to the slide, actually she never really figured it out, we asked this random big kid who was also inside the jump thing to give her a boost.  But she still had fun, despite the 26 minutes that Russ and I spent trying to figure out how to get her out without having to go in ourselves.

Because we were arrived too late for the egg hunt for her age group (it’s a huge park and we parked at the wrong end), we filled her basket with flowers instead of eggs.

We continued the EGGstravaganza by dying Easter eggs this afternoon.

2 Responses

  1. LOVE that last picture! Rosie is getting sunglasses in her Easter basket.

  2. good save with the flowers in the basket. brownie mom points for that one!

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