Happy Easter

We celebrate seven Sundays of Easter, so this is not late, really.  Easter is a season, not a day.

Checking out the socks in her Easter basket, she said, “They don’t match” – we had to show her that there were two of each.  The Target $1 spot is awesome – socks, pinwheels, Curious George goodies.  That’s a great Easter for under $10.

Easter Breakfast at church

Making the kids wait to start the Easter Egg Hunt – I’m so mean.  (Piglet is the one with the shortest legs in teh middle)

Piglet definitely knew what to do, but these were hard “I can’t reach it, I need heyulp”

She did quite well – but she did have LOTS of helpers.

Easter Family Photo

Realizing next year, we should take our family photo BEFORE church.  By this time, I had hidden all of the eggs, liturgized at two services, and lead lots of kids through an Easter Egg Hunt and the Easter Story – looking a little rough.


One Response

  1. next year the family easter photo will have FOUR smiling faces in it! and if that is you looking rough, we maybe shouldn’t continue to be friends . . . 🙂 great picture. happy easter!

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