Freedom happened 12 years ago today:  I got my license.  I remember the exact date because it is also one of my BFF’s birthdays (Happy Birthday Katie).

If you are doing the math, I was almost 17 when I finally got my license because I was a tad bit stubborn back in the day.  Most teenagers actually want to get their license to get away from their parents, but I put off getting mine to make my parents suffer.  They did, after all, move me away from all of my friends in Wilmington to this horrible town of Fort Mill.  So my delay began as pure rebellion.  They wanted me to get my license so they didn’t have to drive me everywhere, but I answered them with a  sassy “I don’t have anywhere to GO because I don’t have any friends.”  I was a very pleasant teenager.

But after a while I did have friends – and they are awesome (love my FM girls) – but I had delayed so long that I was a little terrified of the idea.  Plus I could not parallel park to save my life, despite my dad’s many (MANY) attempts to teach me.  But 12 years ago, we decided to give it a go.  I did well with the entire test…then came the dreaded parallel parking part of the test.  And by some miracle, I did it perfectly….for the first time ever.  My dad was sitting on the curb watching in disbelief as I looked at the driving tester lady in disbelief as she said, “you passed, congratulations”.

Since then, I have had six cars (’84 Oldsmobile, ’96 Taurus, ’96 Explorer, ’99 Malibu, ’00 Blazer, ’10 Caravan – we like to trade and rotate cars in my family), gotten two speeding tickets and two warnings, been in one accident with another car (not my fault), hit one mailbox and one fire hydrant (my fault), taken many many road trips with high school and college friends as well as family (though I rarely drive on family trips), and have never since parallel parked a car.

It’s been a pretty awesome ride.

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  1. Dad says you left out the part when y’all had to go get the turn signal fixed before you could take the test.
    I bet you weren’t thinking at the time you would one day drive a minivan with 2 car seats!

  2. Um…except when Mary (? the Oldsmobile) had a serious meltdown before biting the dust pulling in to my church parking lot.

    Other fun car memories, Sara taking turns with hitting the brake at all. Ever.
    The side of the taurus covered in Chocolate Milk/Carnation instant breakfast because you ate on the way to school every morning. You and I driving all the way to Sarah’s house for spring break. Lots of beach trips.
    AND riding in the passenger seat of my first car (88 Honda Accord) on a rainy day when the moon roof leaked.

    Can’t wait to see you!

  3. Wow….I am sitting here in total amazement that you actually remember the day that occured. Somedays I am lucky if I remember Gracyn’s birthday, my anniversary (which happen to be on the same day) and even my own birthday (only forgotten on 2 occasions that I can remember!)

  4. Interesting because I have no recollection of not hitting the brakes.

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