Dr. Dad

Last night, I was at youth group and get a phone call from Russ (which is rare, so I answered).   He asked with a concerned tone when I was coming home.  I then heard Piglet talking in the background (it was 7:40 and she usually goes to bed at 7:00).   Since I still wasn’t going to be home for a while, I asked why she was still up.  He said, “We’ve had a little accident, and I don’t know what to do about it”  I begin to have all these terrible “worst scenario” kinds of thoughts.

But Russ then explains that while pulling her out of the tub, he thinks he hurt her arm.  She wasn’t crying at the moment, so I said, “so what – she sounds fine”  He continues to talk about how she keeps holding her arm and talking about how much it hurts.

Me:  “Is it swollen?

Russ:  “No”

Me:  “Can she move it?”

Russ:  “Yes”

Me:  “Did you put Nemo on it?”  (She has a Nemo shaped ice pack)

Russ:  “Yes”

Me:  “I think she’s fine”

Russ:  “But I’d rather wait until you get home and look at it”

Me (in my head):  “Aren’t you the one in medical school?!”

Me (out loud):  “That’s going to be too late, go ahead and continue the bedtime routine.  I think she’s playing you and stalling.”

Russ:  “OK, I’ll try”

Russ (15 minutes later via BBM):  “She was totally playing me”

I’m not sure if medical school was the wrong path for Russ or if maybe just Pediatrics is out or if doctors should just never be allowed to diagnose or treat their own kids.   Regardless it was funny.

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  1. I am surprised her finger does not hurt from Russ being wrapped around it!

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