I have an office at church.  We have an office at home (although Russ has completely taken this space over with notes and books and highlighters and flashcards and sunflower seeds).  I have a laptop, so I could technically work anywhere.  But I am a really skilled procrastinator and can find lots of excuses not to focus on the task at hand – like cleaning, organizing, watching TV, talking, eating, etc.  So I have not found either logical place (home or work) to be a productive place.

I have found my groove at Atlanta Bread Company.  I have found my table – a high top by the window and an outlet.  I have found my cheap breakfast (toasted bagel and cream cheese) to justify the fact that I take up a table for up to five hours on any given day.

I have come here to write my past four-five sermons, and have pretty much knocked them all out in a morning.  So here is where I came to work on my final exam for the Certified Christian Educator process.   I had two papers left as of Tuesday (a 5-7 page Theology of Christian Education paper and a 10 page Biblical Exegesis).  I finished the  six-pager on Tuesday (because groove was found).  I actually did stay home yesterday to begin the ten-pager because I needed a lot of books to get started and didn’t feel like toting them around.  But I came in this morning to finish it – only two pages left!  Piece of cake – I should be out of here by 11:00, I thought.

BUT to my dismay, my table was taken.  And has been taken all morning.  I am completely without groove from this booth seat.  Plus there is no outlet and my battery is near death.  So I have played on facebook, read blogs, done some church work and some e-mailing…but I cannot get focused on those last two pages.   And now I blog because I feel the need to write SOMETHING, ANYTHING.

I even got up and bought a cookie (procrastination eating).  And then I had to use the bathroom (because GOOD GOLLY, this kid is kicking the crap out of my bladder), so had to pack up all of my stuff.  When I came back, my other table was taken.  Bummer.  So now I sit at another uncomfortable, ungroovey table, occasionally glancing at the dude at my table, hoping he gets my drift.

And I people watch (another very useful procrastination technique).  I wonder why people came here to get coffee when they could have gotten FREE coffee at Starbucks today.  I am disturbed by the couple sitting to my left.  The man (60’s, gray hair, receding hair line) alternates between rubbing the back of the girl next to him (20’s, cute) and holding her hand – with interlocking fingers.  heebie jeebies.   There are lots of people conducting business, people desperately trying to sell something to the person on the other side of the table.  There are groups of friends gathered for laughs – they make me a tad bit jealous.  There is one pair of guys – one just gave the other a present, then they shared a man hug with the appropriate three pats on the back.   Then there are six or so people like me, sitting alone at their laptops, working diligently on something important (like blogging and facebook perhaps).

oooo—–dude’s leaving – need to go snatch my table back quick.


ahhhhhhh——GROOVE.   Back to work.

UPDATE – In the hour that I have been at MY table, I have not written two pages, but FOUR. It is magic.


3 Responses

  1. We could have used that table when you were in high school and college,Miss Procrastinator!

  2. Oh, and cogratulations on getting that done with everything else going on in your life!

  3. Glad you finally got your table and some pages written. And a bagel with cream cheese sounds delicious right now.

    I love people-watching, but coffee shops aren’t that big around here. With the recent nice weather, I like to sit at the park and watch the people there – kids learning to ride bikes, couples on dates, college students relaxing…it’s nice.

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