This weekend was supposed to be an awesome ROOMMATE WEEKEND (with kids), but roommate’s kid got sick, so they couldn’t come, so so sad.   So we had to figure out what to do on a free weekend – we have so few of those.   AND I had already done all of my typical weekend cleaning/laundry chore in preparation for guests, so I don’t even have to do that.  what to do? what to do?

Fortunately we live in such an awesome place that there is certainly never an excuse to be bored.  We decided to head downtown to walk the battery down to Waterfront Park (one of Piglet’s favorite places because she gets to see all of the horses pulling carriage tours, the water, and all the boats; one of our favorite places because it’s free, even the parking).  Russ was supposed to spend the weekend studying, but who can pass up a morning trip downtown with two awesome girls?!  Plus it’s a tradition – we did the same thing this time last year.

Walking Down the Battery

Playing in Pineapple Fountain

Playing in the Other Fountain

Watching the Boats

This is our favorite bridge because it takes us to Pops and Grammy’s house

Swinging on the Pier

And we topped the morning off with a dolphin sighting on our way back to the car

Not a bad morning I say.  But it would have been better with Abbey and her little man.


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