coordination, lack thereof

When I was just 8ish weeks pregnant, I busted in the middle of Target when I slipped on some toothpaste. (This I blame on the toothpaste and Target)  Oddly enough that same week, my sister who was 8.5 months pregnant fell at school in front of all of her students, perhaps it’s genetic.

When I was 12ish weeks pregnant, we took the youth out for pizza on a long holiday weekend and had the big preggo reveal.   Toward the end of dinner, I knocked an entire pizza on the floor. (This I blamed on Mellow Mushrooms unstable pizza stands).

But last night, I proved once and for all that my coordination is severely lacking this pregnancy (and that there is no one else to blame).  I was walking from the fellowhsip hall to the office to make some copies for youth group.  I was trying to hurry and tripped on an uneven part of the sidewalk.  I was airborne for about half a second (though it felt much longer) and my body did some weird completely ungraceful movements, then I landed squarely on my left hand and right knee.   I skinned both pretty well.  I recall seeing kids get skinned knees and freaking out and wondering why because surely a little skinned knee can’t hurt THAT bad.   Oh my, I must have forgotten (for good reason) what it felt like to get a skinned knee because IT HURTS.  I did not cry.  But I did sit on the sidewalk for a few minutes with slightly watery eyes trying to reassure myself that nothing was broken and that my belly did not actually hit the ground.

After a while, I got up and continued my copy making quest and realized I couldn’t walk without limping.  The youth decided upon my return and explanation of why I was holding a paper towel on my hand that I was not allowed to go anywhere by myself anymore, just in case.   Isn’t that sweet?  But then, of course, they ALL recalled the pizza incident of three months ago and had a good laugh at my expense.

And today, my knee hurts whenever I bend it or Piglet runs into it; both of my palms hurt where they are scraped; and my left arm is incredibly sore from catching the weight of my pregnant body as it plummeted to the ground.  Good times.

3 Responses

  1. I blame my fall on over crowded classes and I am confident it would not have happened if they reduced class sizes and I didn’t have to cram as many desks in my room!

    My lovely 5th graders were there to console me after the fall saying encouraging things like “I heard that your baby will have brain damage if you fall.” I cried until the doctor assured me that there was so much cushion protecting Roo that it would take a lot to cause damage. Roo is just fine, no thanks to my lack of coordination 🙂

  2. You could blame this one on the uneveness of the sidewalk:-)

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