mmm…what you say…

I felt like I was in the Staples commercial last week.

Two different people at different times had this reaction when they saw me.  “Wow!  you’re getting big”

Gee – thanks.

It’s really funny what people say to you when you’re pregnant.  Even women who have been pregnant – you would think that they would be a little more understanding.  But no.  I am reminded daily how huge I am all on my own when it’s difficult to put on pants or or when I try to carry Piglet on my non-existent hip or when I think “gee this shirt must have shrunk in the dryer because it wasn’t this tight last week” or when I run into something or knock something over with my belly or when I have a hard time getting through a crowd because I keep trying to turn sideways to squeeze through, forgetting that sideways is actually bigger than head-on these days.

But as if that wasn’t bad enough, I have heard the following in the past two weeks, in addition to the “WOW”

“You’ve really popped!”

“You sure are getting big”

“I can’t believe you still have three months to go”

“It didn’t seem like you got this big with Piglet”

“Oh my, this is going to be a BIG baby!”

While I still love the people who said these things and I know they are not really trying to insult me, my favorite people are those who have said the following.  If you see a pregnant woman, feel free to say any of the following rather than what precedes.

“How are you feeling?…Well you look great, that’s all that matters”

“You look so cute.  I hope I look that cute when I’m pregnant one day”

“Wow, you really carry all up front.  You look great.”

“You don’t look like you’ve gained any weight except in your belly.”

Even if it’s not true – LIE TO ME.  and to all pregnant women.  it’s tough enough without people constantly reminding you of how huge you are.

Unless you’re a hippo

Piglet LOVES Madagascar 1 and 2, so we’ve watched it A LOT.  I love the line when the male hippo, Moto Moto (which means hot hot, in case you were curious) goes up to Gloria and says, “Girl, you huge” and it’s a compliment.  I can relate to that these days.  I’m huge, but it’s a good thing, right?

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