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It still amazes me sometimes how much Piglet talks and how well.  She really is just a little person and we can carry on full conversations.  Lately, she’s been having very vivid dreams, which makes for very interesting breakfast conversation about dogs sneaking into her room and geese poking her in the back, not to mention the countless scenarios that occur with her school friends in her dreams.

This also means nightmares.  She has woken up several times from nap at school crying frantically.  She would tell her teacher that something hurt (her nose or hand).  Then one day she woke up scared because a dog bit her arm and saying that her arm hurt.   So we figured that all of these wakings and pain were attributed to bad dreams and not actual injuries.  But still scary for a little girl trying to figure out the difference between reality and dream.  (Shoot – it’s hard for me to go back to sleep sometimes after a disturbing dream because it seems so real).

But yesterday’s story takes the cake.   Russ picked her up and had told me that she woke up early from her nap crying again and had to be consoled by the teacher.  So I tried to talk to her about it:

Me:  Did you have a scary dream during your nap today?

Piglet:  Uh-huh

Me:  What was scary?

Piglet:  A monster

Me:  What did the monster look like?  What color was it?

Piglet:  Black

Me:  Was it big or small?

Piglet:  Small

Me:  What was the monster doing?

Piglet:  Snoring

At this point Russ realized what was happening – there is a sweet little black girl who sleeps next to Piglet, who apparently snores.  And that snoring made it into her dream as a “little black monster” and woke her up.  Russ and I couldn’t stop laughing.


Conversations with Brother

Yesterday afternoon, Piglet was looking at my belly and saying, “Mommy, you have a big belly” (I get it from everyone).

Then she picked up Russ’ phone and began one of her pretend conversations.  Usually, she calls Papa and Mimi.  But yesterday, the conversation went like this:

Hey baby brother.  You in mommy’s belly?  You need to come out so we can play with daddy.

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  1. conversation with brother=SO CUTE! 🙂

    i can relate to the bad dreams. sera had night terrors and josh is now afraid of shadows and monsters. he won’t sleep in their room and the grandparents house cause of the big princess stickers on the wall. he is scared of them!

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