Yesterday, Piglet and I had one of those moments that makes me truly grateful that I get to be her mom.  We spent the entire afternoon outside on the deck.  She played in the pool by herself for a while, then she crawled up in my lap and we began a 45 minute conversation.  WITH A TWO YEAR-OLD.  I am amazed at how observant and inquisitive she is.  She is always asking, “Mommy, what’s that?” and “Mommy, do you hear that?”.  So we spent quite some time listening and talking about what we heard.  We heard an owl, lots of birds, squirrels fighting, ducks, the wind, planes, helicopters, dogs, hammering.   Each time she would hear a noise through the quietness of listening, she would perk up and ask “Mommy did you hear that?”  I would say “yes” and then we would try to figure out together what it was.  It was very cool.

Then she began looking around her and asking what things were.  We followed a tiny spider across the deck and watched a fly dart around her pool toys.  We talked about all of the pollen, pine needles, and pine cones that had fallen from the tree above us.  We talked about the clouds and sky.  We identified lots of colors.

Every once in a while she would turn toward me from watching the world around her and focus her attention on my face.  She would take my face in her hands and kiss me. and then hug me.  At one point she lifted my shirt so she could see my belly.  She talked to her baby brother and told him how she was going to help change his diapers when he came out of my belly.  She pointed to my belly button and said that’s where her baby brother was and that’s how he was going to get out.  (I didn’t correct her)  She gave him several zurberts and poked around trying to feel him and make him move.   Then she gave him one last kiss and put my shirt back down.

Then after 45 minutes, she got down and went back to playing.  And I was left with a very wet lap from her bathing suit and a smile in my heart.


Yesterday we had a special moment.  Today we had a “special” moment.   She once again took her bathing suit off while playing in the pool.  Then she sat on the bucket.  and peed in it.

I have no idea where she got the idea to do that.


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  1. oh my…I guess I better watch her and the empty flower pots when she’s here:-D
    I had a dollar bill in my pocket last night and she wanted to know what it was and “who’s that guy?” I told her it was George Washington and she repeated “George Washington?” I said that it indeed was and she said “Hmmm”

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