Back to Life…

…Back to Reality.   Back in the college days, one of my roommates would taunt another with that song because it would get stuck in her head.  It’s been stuck in my head all week (well, all three days of the week so far) because I returned from an awesome vacation to an incredibly real life.  I think it was even providential that the day before we left for vacation my blackberry died – so I was not able to be contacted by anyone and not tempted to check e-mail and facebook every 5 minutes as I usually am.  I was unplugged, and it was awesome.   The whole week was awesome.  and also perfect:

The beach.

The $50/week beachfront accommodations. say what?!

It pays to have connections (or friends with connections) and be a group of ministers/students/SAHMs on whom people take pity

The company.

The food.

The birthday.

The bliss.

But then after 7 days of perfection and real conversations/group therapy and laughter so intense I thought I might go into labor right there and fun games and success at puzzles and relaxation and pedicures and good food (oh wait I already said that, but then I am pregnant, so I can say it twice), it was back to life and reality.  We came home and immediately unpacked ALL of our STUFF and did laundry and made a grocery list (since there was NOTHING in the refrigerator).  Then it was Sunday.  a work day.  There was worship and a meeting I forgot about.   Then there was grocery shopping with a 2.5 year-old in 95 degree heat and no parking spaces anywhere near the store.  Then it was the start of VBS and preparing for a pulpit exchange and general chaos.  Now it’s the continuation of VBS and final plans for Montreat next week.   You would think that post-vacation I would come back refreshed and ready to take on the world – but this beach vacation wasn’t really full of rest and relaxing.  Because during the daylight hours, there was a very active 2.5 year-old to chase around and a husband who had to study and a me who’s really pregnant.  And during the nighttime hours, sleep was gladly exchanged for late night hanging out with good friends.   And it all went by far too quickly.  On Monday, I remember thinking – “ahhh – we still have 5 whole days” – but all of a sudden it was Friday, and I remember thinking “WHAT?! NOOOO!  How is it Friday already?  I DON’T WANT TO GO HOME!”  I probably even said it out loud a few times.  Because real life isn’t nearly as much fun.  But alas, there was no choice – reality was waiting.

Back to life, back to the present time,
Back from a fantasy yeah.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain at all because at least there was that week of perfection in which we got to live the fantasy.

And the reality really isn’t all that bad – it’s a pretty good life with pretty cool people who make it all worth it. Except the 95 degree heat – I could really live without that.


3 Responses

  1. I’m glad you had a good trip and I think it’s great that you all get together every year….I hope you can keep it up forever….but I missed you. You weren’t here AND you had no phone! I’ve been missing your blog, too. I’m glad you’re back here, also:-)

  2. I thought the same thing on Monday . . . and then it was Friday :(. And now it is VBS and then Montreat . . . feeling your pain.

  3. these pictures make me

    1) desperately miss all you guys
    2) drool…..THAT FOOD WAS SO GOOD!
    3) really pissed that i missed the cake! next year, we are getting cake on the first day, even if it is no one’s birthday!
    4) want to squish piglet she is so stinking cute!

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