separation anxiety

Over a year ago, a love affair began…with a phone.  But not just any phone – a smartphone.  Does that mean that the person using it is smart?  I think so.

We were inseparable, it and I.  Even when it was on silent, I could not ignore the little flashing red light.  Did I have a new BBM or TXT or e-mail or facebook notification?  I had to know and be in the know.  But then it died.  It wouldn’t turn on at all.  I mourned.  I panicked. I took it to the phone store to see if it could be resurrected.  They put in a new battery and I thought we were reunited, but then it died again within hours, rejecting the new battery.

Then we left on vacation.  I thought – maybe it’s time to take a break and re-evaluate who I am without a smartphone.  Not having it on vacation was good – good to have a break from the flashing light and the need to be be connected 24/7.  But then we came back to reality and went to the phone store again, only to be told that I wouldn’t get a new phone for a WHOLE THREE DAYS.  How does one function in the real world without a phone?!

I mean, our marriage was even at stake.  We are apart for much of the day (even when are both home at night), so we use BBM and phone calls to communicate.  But for three days, I had to actually TALK TO RUSS’ FACE.  And I also picked up the land line phone in my office and had to dial his number – the absurdity!

Yes, I’m exaggerating (a little).  But really, Russ and I have never had a land line phone in our almost seven (SEVEN) years of marriage, so cell phones were our primary means of communication.  I was nervous to be at home by myself because, you know, what if I went into labor?!  Sure, our neighbors have phones, but there was still a little bit of panic at my core.  And don’t get me started on driving around without a phone.  I have had a phone since I started driving – though back in the day it was ONLY for emergencies and it was very large.  And I’ve had my share of car emergencies, so the thought of driving without a phone put a little bit more panic in my core – because, you know, I might go into labor.

And now that we have smartphones, I use the computer less – I had gotten out of the habit of checking e-mail at an actual computer, so people were actually having to wait several hours, even a whole day, before getting a response from me.  Geez.

But now 13 days and three visits to the phone store later – I AM CONNECTED AGAIN.  and all is well with the world.  deep breath in and out.

And even though my “condition” made the being without phone a little more scary, it did work to my benefit while waiting in line at the phone store.  Both times I went in by myself, I am pretty sure they took one look at me and thought “we have GOT got to get this woman out of here before she goes into labor” because my name got called well before the projected time given at check-in.  The second time, I even saw my name listed 7th on the waiting list when I was helped.

PS: Josh – you have spoiled me by magically dealing with all of my phone needs before.  I think you need to move here so you can do that all the time because having to activate the phone and move my contacts and set up facebook and e-mail all by myself gave me a headache.   Also we want to see you, Kathryn, and Roo more, that’s a given.


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