Somewhere, Piglet got the idea that the world will be her oyster….when she is three years-old.

A few weeks ago upon seeing the buses at her school, she said, “I like to ride the bus.  I can ride the bus when I’m three years-old.”  I said, “Oh, really, who told you that?”  She answered very matter-of-factly “Pops”.  Pops, however, denies this claim.

And since then whenever she talks about doing something that I tell her she can’t do, she says that she can do it when she is “old, three years-old” and I just let her think that.  Easier than trying to explain otherwise…most of the time.

This afternoon, we were playing outside in her pool.  I thought she was over the whole being naked outside thing – she didn’t even attempt to strip down the whole time were were at the beach last week.  But today, she pulled her suit down to her waist (at least not all the way off), patted her bare belly, and said that she was going to wear a bathing suit like that when she was three years-old.  I’m not sure what she was talking about.  I am thinking that MAYBE at her school’s water day yesterday some older girls were wearing two piece bathing suits or maybe she wanted to wear a boy’s bathing suit.   I don’t know but regardless, I can guarantee that she will not be going topless when she is three years-old or thirty years-old, so I had to burst her bubble and make her put her suit all the way back on and say that girls ALWAYS ALWAYS cover their tops.

And tonight at dinner ( a bbq buffet), she was eating banana pudding and I was eating peach cobbler a la mode.  She was looking at my dessert and I asked her if she wanted some and she said, “no, when I’m three years-old”  This is all really too funny.  I just dread her birthday now…when she reaches the age that she so desires and not all that much changes.

It’s a tough life.


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  1. She is a mess! I bet she has a list of things she wants to do on her third birthday

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