pregnancy scars

I went to the doctor on Monday – it’s hard to believe that I’m already at the point when I’m going every other week.  and soon every week.  and then DONE.  I’m ready for the DONE.  The appointment went well.  Baby B looks good on all accounts.  Dr. C assured me that I’m not too huge despite the continued remarks to the contrary by those around me on a daily basis.  But one thing she said worried me.  She said, “now be very careful…this is the phase of pregnancy that you get more clumsy.  Your ligaments and muscles are relaxing getting ready for labor and your center of gravity is off.”  GREAT.  I have already had a series of unfortunate accidents during the first 7.5 months, and that was BEFORE the clumsy phase.

There were the falls that you’ve already read about.  The second of which has left a nice scar on my right knee so that I can always remember the uncoordination.

Then very early on in my pregnancy, I was in a hurry to get into the office one morning and closed the car door before fully removing my leg from the path of the door.  I should also mention that this was back when I was still driving the Blazer, which has some driver-side door issues and needs to be slammed shut most of the time.  Therefore, the door hit my mid-calf with quite a bit of force and took a nice chunk with it.  And now I have a nice scar on my right calf to remember the uncoordination.

Then a month ago, I had a meeting on the beach. (I know it really sucks to live here).  I put sun screen on my face, neck, and arms, but I didn’t think about my legs at all because I was wearing capris.  This was a HUGE oversight.  I ended up with a really lovely sun burn on my left ankle from the bottom of my capri to the top of my flip flop.  It looked really cool.  I know  I should be concerned with the damage done to my skin and the increased risk for skin cancer, but I was hoping that because it was a burn, it would eventually peel away because that’s what usually happens when I would rather it turn into a tan.  But no.  It peeled mildly and then turned into a really nice 6 inch tan.  So for a month, I haven’t worn shorts or dresses despite the intense heat.  I was hoping that our week at the beach would help it even out, but instead I am pretty sure those 6 inches got even darker than the rest of my leg.   So now I have a really nice tan that doesn’t appear to be fading anytime soon to remember my absentmindedness.

And finally a few weeks ago Russ somehow conned me into ironing his clothes – I am pretty sure the words “but I can’t do it as well as you can” were a part of the conversation, and I fell for it.   In my fatigue and general lack of coordination, I reached for the iron at one point and somehow reached past the handle and hit my forearm on the hot part of the iron.  And now I have yet another scar to remember my fatigue and gullibleness.

So I ask for your prayers for Baby B’s safety for the remainder of the pregnancy because based on past experience it doesn’t look good.  And next week, I will be traveling to Montreat, where there are lots of hills and stairs and rough terrain.  This could end badly.


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  1. What does your driveway at Montreat look like this year? I can’t imagine your having to walk DOWN the one from last year with center of gravity off….I get nervous thinking about it!

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