because I said so

It seems odd that the most important job in the world requires very few prerequisites (namely two:  puberty + someone else).   Because where I sit, parenting is some hard stuff, requiring amazing amounts of brain power – I really think a PhD should be required.  We have already exhausted most of our creativity and cleverness in disciplining.  And now, we have entered the WHY? stage.  GOOD LORD!

So now, nothing we tell Piglet stands at face value as it once did.  Some conversations from last night and this morning:

#1  Piglet:  I want to take my bear into schood
Me:  No, let’s leave him in the car.
Piglet:  Because why?
Me:  Because he might get lost or dirty if you take him to school, plus you have all of your cool school toys to play with in there.
Piglet:  oh, ok.
#2 Me:  Please hold your cup with two hands
Piglet:  Because why?
Me:  Because you have little hands and need to be extra careful  so you don’t spill it.
Piglet:  I can use one hand when I’m three years old and have bigger hands like mommy and daddy?
Me:  Yes.
Piglet:  Oh, ok.
#3 Piglet:  I want to go home and get a Christmas tree with lights.
Me:  It’s not time for Christmas – it’s too hot.
Piglet:  Because why?
Me:  Because Christmas is in December and it’s only June.  We have to wait until December 25.
Piglet:  I sing Happy Birthday and eat cake.  That’s Jesus Birthday.
Me:  That’s right.
#4 (while on a walk)  Piglet:  Mommy, hold my cup.
Me:  No, you need to hold it.
Piglet:  Because why?
Me:  Because mommy needs two hands to push the stroller.
Piglet:  Can you put it in your cupholder?
Me:  No, put it in yours.
Piglet:  Because why?
Me:  Because my cupholders are already full.
Piglet:  Ok.

I have not resorted to the infamous “because I said so” response yet, but I’m sure it’s coming, because my brain hurts and it’s going to just quit one of these days.  And because I know that for now, we are lucky that she accepts our answers and there will be a day when our answer is met with yet other “because why?”.


While we are on conversations with Piglet, I would like to share one more that also occurred on our walk (on which she talked the whole entire time, and kept wanting it to be a dialogue which was quite difficult at 8 months pregnant in intense morning heat).

Piglet:  Mommy, do you see that?
Me:  See what?
Piglet:  That yellow thing (pointing to a yellow fire hydrant)
Me:  Yes, I see it.
Piglet:  That’s kinda weird.  We need to paint it red.

That was one of many things that she said was “kinda weird” as we walked around the neighborhood.


2 Responses

  1. At least you had reasonable answers for her curiosity, but yes, it does sound exhausting. 🙂

  2. It was a long time before Rachel and I resorted to the “because I said so” response… but man, is that a handy tool to keep in your parenting kit!

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